Power Veterinary Care Management with Nuzzle

Nuzzle digitizes and automates highly manual veterinary workflows to supercharge your clinics’ capabilities. We triage client-reported concerns and data to your team members while providing pet owners with proactive, two-way communication and support.

Improve Client Compliance

Use automation to help pet owners integrate their pet’s treatment plans into their daily lives. Nuzzle’s platform serves as an extension of your team to guide clients through the steps they need to take based on their treatment plans.

Automate Your Clinic Workflows

Save your clinic valuable time by automating follow-ups and sending clinically relevant prompts to help pet owners follow their pets’ care plans. Nuzzle uses conversational AI to respond to routine client questions so you can focus on providing the best care possible.

Bring Clients Back to the Clinic

Move beyond first-generation client communication tools and simple appointment reminders. Nuzzle monitors symptoms, tracks treatment progress, and prompts pet owners to return to the clinic when symptoms are not improving.

Nuzzle’s Mission

Reduce Administrative Burden

Nuzzle is designed to help reduce record levels of burnout affecting veterinarians and clinic staff around the country.

Amplify Clinic Reach

Our platform is built to automate manual tasks and nudges to let clinic staff focus on the most urgent needs.

Improve Quality of Care

Nuzzle supports pet owners through every step of their pet’s treatment plan, extending your clinic’s care beyond each appointment.

Our Services

We leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate interactions and conversational experiences for your clients so your clinic can meet pet owners where they are – without adding more to your plate.

Actionable Treatment Plans

Go from dense discharge instructions to clear, actionable treatment plans so pet owners can better understand and manage their pet’s care needs.

Increase Touchpoints

Use automated two-way conversations to scale patient touchpoints and promote an ongoing connection with your care team.

Improve Adherence

Offer educational resources, instructions, and virtual monitoring so pet owners stay in tune to their pet’s healthcare needs while helping your clinic identify struggling clients.

Manage Q&A

Reactive, care-team approved information, powered by AI and NLP, helps clients feel confident and in control of their pets’ health and unburdens your care team from their inbox.